Martial Arts for Children

launchA place specialized for kids to achieve control and strength.

Martial Arts Programs

Waterford Lakes, Orlando

Mind, body, and soul as a principle of a perfect life.

Martial Arts for Kids

For Kids

This program helps children develop a high self-esteem and self-confidence, while their body acquires strength, balance, and coordination.

Martial Arts for Homeschoolers

For Homeschoolers

This program gives the children a chance to gain coordination, discipline, and confidence. It boots your child attention and focus before started every morning.

After-School Program


A full-service program that supports children with productive organizational skills that can be applied in their academics while learning martial arts.

Summer Camp Program

Summer Camp

The best summer camp in Orlando area that combines martial arts with lots of entertainment and fun.

Martial Arts for Adults

For Adults

Learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones in virtually any situation no matter your age or gender.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

For those that need to learn Martial Arts fast and precisely.

Look What Our Clients Are Saying

Stephanie Sovik ★★★★★

Amazing...no other words. Been there since it opened and quality only got better ACTION !!!

Lyndsey ★★★★★

Instructor E. is a very talented and gifted instructor. My 2 boys absolutely love her. She is firm and fair with the kids. The adult class is no joke and will put you in shape. Our family loves Miss T Martial Arts of Waterford Lakes.

Claudia Quesada ★★★★★

Instructor E. Has shown respect, self-control, discipline, fun, compassion to our munchkin. She's dedicated and passionate about what she does and pushes her kids to believe in themselves. Instructor E. You rock!!

Sean  Cumberbatch ★★★★★

In a industry that is predominantly male run, WOW. Miss T holds her own hands down. Great instructions, easy to learn and very beneficial. She genuine cares about all her students.