7 Facts Bullies Do Not Want You to Know – Incredible!

A person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker is a bully, but something it does not seem that way. Do not hesitate, they are a bully but they do not want you to know.

It is important to know how bullies behave. They have learned to be cunning and liars. They cover their abuses and do everything possible so that you do not know what is really happening.

We generally think of a bully as some stranger we know from school that uses his size to dominate us for his pleasure or extortion of the homework assignment he or she didn’t do.

Often, the worst kind of bully is someone you know or trust that you give power over you because you think they know you better than you know yourself.

Sometimes this bully seems to be your friend, so it is important that you know those things that he does not want you to know.

1. Almost 60% of people have felt bullied

The problem with being bullied is feeling alone. A bully wants you to have a fear that closes you off from family and other friends. This does not have to be. A bully is a problem, time to stop making the victim feel like the problem.

2. Most people are picked on for how they look

A bully wants you to feel that being yourself makes you a loser. Nothing could ever be further from the truth. Your look makes you unique to the world. It is the reason out of 7 billion plus people on earth there is no other you. Be proud of this.

3. Verbal disrespect is most common

​Bullies know the words that create and instill fear. This is how they begin to break you down. Believe in yourself.

4. Bully victims are most likely to commit suicide

​When you feel alone, threatened, and hopeless life seems less valuable. Bullies want that. No one has the right to devalue you.

5. By the preteen years, bulling becomes very physical

 Fighting reinforces what bullies hope. They hope you are afraid of them. Fight within yourself to be confident.

​6. Boys are threatened in physical form and girls an emotionally way.

 Boys tend to be quicker to hit, trip, and prank each other. Girls tend to say mean things like you’re fat, no one likes you. Either way, your job is not to take the bully as a source of what is right.

7. Bullies come through many channels

​Today it’s not just hit you and trip you. There is texting, cyber, and letters that are mean. Bullies don’t realize that this is evidence for you. Don’t take it as something to fear.

Bullying is a common thing in our society. This needs to change because common does not make it right. Together we can make each individual be bully free with education, confidence, plus skill building moments. Our kids deserve to go to school for learning and fun, not fear and doubt.


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