About Tanya Elenkiwich

Tanya Elenkiwich

launchA professional with 20 years in martial arts specializing in children.

Meet Chief Instructor
Tanya Elenkiwich

Tanya Elenkiwich

5th dan black belt

Tanya Elenkiwich is a 5th dan black belt with 20 years of experience.

3 black belts

She has 3 black belts - Martial Arts World, World Tae Kwon Do Federations, and Kukkiwon.

Goals and passion

My ultimate goal and passion is to empower youth through the martial arts.

Passion for children

I am patient with children, yet I balance it with strictness and discipline that allows learning.

In my time of training the martial arts has given me 3 main thing:

•Discipline • Goal Setting • Physical Fitness

My two sons also train in the martial arts so that I could provide them with a powerful base in school and times away from me. If martial arts had not changed my life I would not have done it for 20 years and opened my own school.