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My passion is to empower youth through martial arts. Patients and creativity are how I  teach discipline and self-control. We practice non-contact and only focus on building the individuals self-image and skills.

Master E. – Chief Instructor
Tanya Elenkiwich

A professional with 20 years of martial arts training, specializing in child developmental.



Tanya, Miss T or Master E. is a 5th dan/degree black belt.


Holds 3 Black Belts and is a member of the following communities: Martial Arts World, World TaeKwonDo Federations, and Kukkiwon.


To instill in each student that they are uniquely special in their own way and they all have the ability to be strong and intelligent.


My love for martial arts has become a way of life. I do not practice it or train for it, I LIVE IT DAILY!


In my time of training the martial arts has given me 3 main thing:

•Discipline • Goal Setting • Physical Fitness

My two sons also train in the martial arts so that I could provide them with a powerful base in school and times away from me. If martial arts had not changed my life I would not have done it for 20 years and opened my own school.

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