What is the Purpose of Forms in Martial Arts?

Many forms are a part of the Martial Arts and each form represents something important to the style of that art. It is safe to say that most arts other than self-defense systems have types of “poom ses,” “katas,”or forms.

Many people say, what is the point? It has no contact, like kumite (sparring). That is when the big picture is not entirely seen.

“Your kata, or forms, are a catalog of pre-arranged movements that teach you how to move directional and connect all your basic skills.”

In one simple move you would have to be concerned with the following steps: look into the direction, prepare the stance, set the upper body, focus your eyes, and decide whether it’s an offensive or defensive move.

Even harder, you must yell properly and give the move your spirit. Beyond that, you must prepare for the next set of moves, which works on your ability to transfer from one move into another. The smoother you can connect, the better you are. A choppy form means you don’t quite know the flow and rhythm.

The art of practicing forms also plays a heavy role in ones’ ability to imagine. Years later, this will lead you to be innovative as you start to see the multiple dimensions of the techniques hidden in your forms.

When one day you say something like, “I thought that was a block, but now I see it as a throw,” the art and the form are now becoming something of study.

The greatest gift that your form gives you is the presence of certainty and confidence, the ability to stand in a room and expose yourself and speak through your body. Great speakers do it with their words, the way they control their voice, and the gestures that come from their bodies.

A martial artist does the same thing by utilizing the speed by which they move, the power from each thrust, the flow from within each movement, and the yell that is an exclamation point. This is what happens when you practice F.O.R.M.S.

Looking at FORMS as an acronym, the F stands for the fight; and the fight choreography. All the moves are based on a practical application. The more you practice your forms,the more you’ll see it.

0 stands for the organization of what you are doing. That is, understanding what comes first, second, and third. Your form is a series of prearranged movements.

R stands for the repetition, which is the mother of learning. The things we repeat often become a part of us.

M stands for memory. It serves as your mental memory as much as your physical memory.That means that practicing forms are both challenging to mind and body.

S stands for skills. The hours and years of repetition lead to a higher level of skills. Very much like a child reading, the more you read the better you get.

Many people that can read cannot comprehend. Many people that practice their forms do not always know what’s going on.When you become skillful is when every move becomes useful to you.

Forms teach us to arrange our lives in a way so that every day is maximized. It is safe to say, once you master forms, you master the art within you more than the movements about you.

The measure of a martial artist is a person is trying to measure him or herself to get the best out of life. They use the Martial Arts as a m since life has none.

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